1. Hug a Hound works with autistic children and rescue/therapy dogs. The children make bandanas for the dogs and learn about the care and handling of animals, which is wonderful for both the kids and the dogs! Children who did not speak and had other difficulties, have come out of their shells or otherwise improved with the contact. The program pilot has gone very well and is in need of $1,500 to continue, buy supplies and expand. Please help by making a donation. Any amount will be greatly appreciated! 

 2. Tiffany Johnson is a 28-year-old young lady suffering from a severe case of Cerebral Palsy. She is wheelchair bound and for the last 20 years had attended the Easter Seals Camp specializing in caring for disabled people. The camp is located in Hebron CT. Two weeks of camp is what makes her life. The other 50 weeks she lives in poor conditions where her wheelchair can't operate. She literally crawls around almost all the time at home! State funding cuts make it impossible for Tiffany to afford camp this year. The total cost of the camp is approximate $2,940. Can you help in with a contribution to the Needs Clearing House, earmarked for this purpose, i.e. paying Tiffany's camp expense for this summer, 2017? Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Please let us know as soon as possible since we need to pay for camp soon.

3. Refugee Assistance Project - NCH has undertaken to try and raise $50,000 to aid refugees taken into Connecticut and want to live in Bridgeport. To kick off the fundraiser, NCH is donating $1,000 toward the relief effort and invites anyone interested in supporting this cause to send your check in NCH C/O Joe Kaliko, 233-9 Milbank Ave, Greenwich CT 06830.  Please make your check payable to "NCH" and write "Refugee Project" in the memo section. 

4. A woman in Greenwich needs help keeping a 2-year-old and 5-year-old in diapers.  Her husband recently died and she is struggling to pay rent....the diapers are breaking the budget, costing around $25 every 10 days!  Any contributions earmarked for diapers will be used to help this person.

5. Hannah is 28 years old and has Lupus.  She was misdiagnosed and spent a month in a coma (with a 10 blood sugar!), on emergency Medicaid assistance.  Hannah has no insurance and needs about $1,500 of initial care to address her illness (for doctors, medication and blood work).  Donations earmarked for Hannah will be used to get her the basic medical care she needs.

6. Funds are needed to help furnish the apartment of a formerly homeless vet who was placed in an apartment by the Needs Clearing House.

7. A homeless woman needing shelter has turned to NCH and we are working with social services to get her a job; meanwhile, NCH is providing shelter at a cost $75 per night.

8. The Connecticut Student Nurses Association (CSNA) has been working with the Mercy Learning Center (MLC) in Bridgeport and Caroline House to prescreen women for vision problems. Poor eyesight is believed to be the root cause of some woman not doing well at school. NCH in concert with the Bridgeport Lions Club, a leading eye surgeon, and commercial vendors, have arranged to help these woman in need. Donations to support this program are welcome with the cost per woman estimated to be $100 for a professional screening, frames, and glasses.

 9. Nathanial Witherell’s Alzheimer Music Program Project. $13,500 is needed for a one year program of music to aid in calming Alzheimer’s patients, particularly at sundown when they become the most agitated. Any amount towards this goal will be much appreciated!

10. "Car Project” - We take donated used cars, fix them up and give them to people in need of basic transportation.  Please help by donating your vehicle (We will come and get it), and or contribute any amount to the car's project, to help us fix these cars up.

11. "Handicapped Van Project".  Funds or in-kind donations for handicapped accessible vans which cost approximately $15,000.

 12. NCH Operating Funds Project. We are attempting to raise approximately $2,000 dollars in total to cover the 2017 operation expenses. Expenses include insurance and other items to run the charity. We are all volunteers and take no salaries.

13.  I-pads for Speech Project…Using I-pads to enable people who cannot speak or who have difficulty communicating verbally. Cost per I-pad is $425 per I-Pad and/ or in-kind donation are gratefully accepted. Please see CONNECTICUT.NEWS12.COM/NEWS for more on this project.

14. Sheets and Towels are needed for our partner at Neighbor to Neighbor. The project is ongoing.

15. Pizza Project. Funds are needed to continue providing pizza lunch/dinner to over 400 people monthly at serval charities and shelters, including Kids in Crisis, Abilis, The Disability Resource Network and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and their 2 woman’s shelters. Donate one or more pies…. Only $7.50 per large pizza.

 16. Domestic Abuse Project. Funds for this project enable NCH to continue partnering with the Greenwich YWCA to aid domestic abuse victims trying to start over. It takes about $500 dollars to aid one victim with used furniture to furnish an apartment provided by the YWCA.

17. Kids in Crisis Project. KIC has a budget shortfall of nearly $1,000,000 for the next fiscal year. This amazing organization literally helps kids in crisis throughout Fairfield County and is unique. Kids from newborn through the age of 17 are accommodated. KIC has 20 rooms, medical and nutritional support to help parents who may need to shelter the kids for any number of reasons, EG. After fires, homelessness, substance abuse episodes, etc. KIC provides their services free of charge and is located in Cos Cob. Since the state budget cuts have really taken a toll on this charity, any donation will help KIC continue to support the community as it has for the past 37 years!

 18. Helping Squirrel Wood Equine Animal Shelter care for horses and other animals. Any amount will help!

 19. River House Adult Day Center located in Cos Cob CT is a 501(C) (3) Agency that strives to enrich the lives of older adults. It is a medical model day center, which allows the caregiver to have the comfort knowing their loved one is being monitored by a registered nurse, while recreation staff gives the senior a fun and engaging day! $10,400 is being sought for a 2-year specialized day program that utilizes “comedy therapy” to help slow cognitive decline, foster mental and physical health, improve memory, morale, confidence and creativity. 

Interested in Volunteering or making a Donation?
Volunteers are needed to help manage projects. You may suggest that your donation is applied to help us sustain our operations. You may also suggest your donation support a specific project. Funds received in excess of the amount needed to fund a specific project may be applied in our discretion to another one of our projects. 100% of every donation will go to fund a project being supported by our charity!

The Needs Clearing House


1. Connecting Greenwich Pharmacy with the Nathaniel Witherell Nursing Home, each in Greenwich, Connecticut, to obtain funding for an Alzheimer’s Music Program for one year.

2. Connecting Neighbor to Neighbor in Greenwich, Connecticut, with the Marriott Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut to obtain sheets, pillow cases, and towels for those in need. NCH made many delivers over many months of such linens. 

3. Connecting charities such as Greenwich Housing Authority, Liberation House, the Stamford Men’s Shelter, Kids in Crisis, ABLIS with the Marriot Hotel and Witherell Nursing Home to obtain linens for those in need. 

4. Working with restaurants to distribute food to those in need. 

5. Hosting coat drives, including two during the most recent winter, to provide coats to charities in Greenwich and Stamford, Connecticut, including Kids in Crisis and The Greenwich Housing Authority.

6. Locating shelter for the homeless, including placing a homeless man from Bridgeport, Connecticut at the Goodwill residence (Wahlstrom House) in Bridgeport, Connecticut, after the home in which he had been living was destroyed by fire.

7. Connecting donors of a handicap equipped minivan with a family that has three member suffering with cerebral palsy and scoliosis.

8. Connecting donors with a family from Bridgeport, Connecticut to enable a 6-year-old suffering from Cardio Facio Cutaneous Syndrome (CFC) and his family, to attend a conference in Florida with experts to try and alleviate pain and suffering of the child.

9. Providing sheets, a treadmill, and paint supplies to beautify a home in Greenwich, Connecticut owned by theABLIS charity.

10. Finding donors to cover a stipend request for 16 students to obtain books and supplies during their first semester of college. AVID was the charity (Advancement thru Individual Determination), per fund request from the Greenwich Alliance for Education. 

11. Locating handicap vans for needy families. 

12. Connecting the Disability Resource Network with another charity selling a handicap transportation bus. 

13. Connecting donors to the charity Mothers for Others in Greenwich, Connecticut providing over 3,000 diapers for hand out to needy families; and arranging for ongoing diaper supplies and fundraisers.

14. Supplying furniture to the Greenwich Housing Authority for needy families in Greenwich, Connecticut. 

15. Supplying furniture and other requests of the Byram Volunteer Fire Company to resurrect its volunteer forces and retain them at the firehouse in Byram, Connecticut. 

16. Arranging an interest-free $10,000 line of credit for the Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol to enable new recruits to obtain firefighter certifications ($1,500 tuition per candidate), to be repaid when the town reimburses the Patrol 8-10 months later.

17. Connecting donors to supply oil for a blind disabled person in Norwalk, Connecticut during winter after allowances ran out. 

18. Connecting the Disability Resource Network with state resources to help create a for profit "B" Corporation to employ 90 disabled persons in landscaping and printing industries. 

19. Connecting Greenwich Police Explorers with funding sources for a upcoming trip to Indiana for 14 persons. 

20. Providing flowers and post-holiday gifts to nursing home and hospitals in cooperation with Fairway Markets in Stamford, Connecticut. 

21. Aiding a Stamford, Connecticut couple who reached out for help after having been served with foreclosure papers on their home by connecting them to state sponsored resources who are working now with the couple and the bank in a mediation process. Obtained free legal and other services for the couple who are relieved they have time to work out the issues with the bank. 

22. Helping a Bridgeport woman with 3 children and a grandchild, find shelter and financial assistance while trying to advance from being a CNA to an RN to rise above the poverty line. 

23. Rescuing the Bridgeport Rescue Mission which sustained 4 burglaries over a two week period in July of 2014, by replacing stolen goods, food and funding a comprehensive security system to protect their warehouse of goods/food for the needy.

24. Raised funds to send a 30 year old autistic woman to a special needs camp after her disability income was consumed by necessary group home living. She had attended the camp for 11 years in the past and it was recommended by her caregivers for summer 2014.

25. Raised funds and free labor for 12-13 thousand dollars’ worth of projects to be performed at Adopt-A-Dog, of Armonk NY and Greenwich CT, including tree work desperately needed on their property and building a 12 x 20 storage shed for emergency disaster relief animal supplies. 

26. Created a First Response discount pharmacy program in partnership with Greenwich Pharmacy.

27. Helped a mentally ill senior citizen on dialysis arrange for assistance and payment of an outstanding $1,900 electric bill after being threatened with service shutoff. The large bill was a result of an electric heated home and the 2013-2014, winter consuming all of the woman’s energy credits and income. 

28. Partnered the Disability Resource Network in Bridgeport with the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, to provide traumatic brain injured volunteers with work experience helping at the mission. 

29. Partnering with the Greenwich Department of Social Services to help provide for the needs of its constituent agencies. 

30. Partnered with Starwood Hotels, Westey’s Storage and Two Men and a Truck, to obtain, transport, store and deliver linens valued in excess of ½ million dollars to charities in Southwest Fairfield County.

31. Helped secure a Certificate of Need from the State of Connecticut for the Nathaniel Witherell Nursing Home to offset some $12 million of expense for their $22 million nursing home rehabilitation project (“Project Renew”).

32. Obtained orthopedic shoes for a diabetic in need. 

33. Filed for a 501C3 exemption with the IRS for the NCH to become a Public Charity. 

34. Assisted a young man from Bridgeport who was struck by a truck in February while walking. He has been cared for in a facility in Milford but NCH has arranged to move him to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for further treatment that he needs to recover. The family had no money and NCH has arranged for a van, wheel chair, companion, driver, etc. for the 1000 mile trip. Funds are still being raised to recover gas money advanced to the family (see current projects page).
35. Toyota Camry valued at over $3,000 donated to a working mother of 3 supporting herself, the children, a 3 month old grand-daughter and her mother. She was threatened with loss of her job as a CNA if she did not get a car by September 1, 2014. Funds are still being raised to register the car, pay tax and insure it (see current projects page).

36.  Provided medical treatment for a blind baby from India, including a visit to a topOphthalmogist at Westerchester Medicial Center and all testing in advance of surgery scheduled for Fall 2014.
37. Forged a partnership between Fairway Market and Bridgeport Rescue Mission to provide food for the needy is Southwest Fairfield County.
38. Resolved foreclosure matter with bank agreeing to forbear allowing home-owner to stay in their home after intervention by NCH.
39. Arranged for payment of a $3,500 gas bill for a Bridgeport family.
40. Donated transportation to a working single mother who had sugar poured into her gas tank, ruining her only form of transportation.

41. Forged new partnership between Partner Reinsurance Company of the U. S., and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission."

42. Provided temporary food and shelter for a dispossessed family of 3 in a Milford motel to avoid family having to seek foster care and housing in separate shelters. 

43. Located an apartment for evicted family in Bridgeport. 

44. Working with a disabled wheelchair bound mother of a teenager being evicted for wheelchair damage to her apartment. 

45. Met with the chair of a Stamford charity to discuss how the NCH could help restore community center operations under the leadership of a new full-time Director. 

46. Donated food to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission for a "meat full" chili dinner for 150 people. 

47. Embarked on 2014 winter coat drive.

48.  Donated microwave oven to a handicapped person in Bridgeport.

49.  Initiated monthly "Pizza Buffets" at Kids-In-Crisis and Abilis in Greenwich, The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, 2 women's shelters in Bridgeport and the Disability Resource Network in Bridgeport and Derby, in partnership with Aaron's and Planet Pizza.

50. Aided Greenwich YMCA in obtaining furnishings for a domestic violence victim rescued by the "Y".

51. Provided weeks of shelter for a 23-year-old girl that is developmentally disabled and her mother.52. Helping a 2011 law school graduate resolve issues with Pace University so that his transcripts can be released to obtain employment.  
Referred case by Greenwich Department of Social Services.

53. Recognition of NCH by Mayor Finch of Bridgeport and Senator Blumenthal, for improving the lives of others.

54. Responded to an emergency request from Adopt-A-Dog for blankets.

55. Connected young mother gunshot victim with a foundation to supply a much-needed wheelchair ramp.

56. Provided another wheelchair ramp for family with 2 cerebral palsy members who are wheelchair bound.

57. Obtained IPad donation to give nonverbal brain injured people the "gift of speech".

58. Provided additional IPad donations to aid in brain injured physical therapy program at the Disability Resource Network in Derby and Bridgeport.

59. Feeding 300 people pizza each month partnering with Aaron's and Planet Pizza. Recipients include the Bridgeport a Rescue a Mission (BRM), BRMs two different woman's shelters, Kids in Crisis, Abilis, and the Disability Resource Network. Program funded from November 2014-May 2015 and hopes to continue throughout 2015.

60.  Funds have been raised to send Leah to camp for summer 2015.  Thank You!
61.  Funds have been raised to provide 3 twin bed sets; a kitchen table; end tables and other furnishing to a family in need being helped by Kids in Crisis.  Project successfully completed.

62.  Funds successfully raised to completely pay for a blind baby's cornea replacement surgery.  The surgery is scheduled for August 20, 2015!

63.  Responded to request from the YWCA Domestic Abuse Rescue Project by paying for furniture to resettle rescued client.

64. Provided $1,000 in seed funding to provide book stipends to the Greenwich Alliance's 2015 class of 24 AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students.

65.  Provided $1,000 in seed funding to help offset projected 2016 budget shortfall for Kids in Crisis.

66. Obtained $15,000 worth of duvet covers and inserts for Greenwich's Neighbor to Neighbor from the Shelton Hampton Inn.

67. Raised funds to repair a commercial lawn mower at a91 acre animal sanctuary in Montgomery NY.

68.  Joined Senator Richard Blumenthal to announce introduction of the Veterans Housing Stability Act of 2015 by offering language to provide vets with furnishings for homes provided under the Act.
69.  Helped fundraising activities for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission by preparing the application for Urban Act state grant funding totaling $145,000 for a furnace, kitchen and window repair/replacement at the mission.
70. Surgery performed on the blind baby to replace cornea.  Awaiting passage of time to see if accepted or rejected by the boy's body.
71. Funded "Pizza Saturdays" at the Cos Cob Greenwich Adult Day Care Center.
72. Provided $1,000 to the Greenwich Adult Day Care Center to kick off fundraising for the "Comedy Program" for seniors.
73. Provided gas cards, pizza nights and cash to a family with the husband suffering Stage 3 Gastric cancer after wife needed to take a $14,00 pay cut to be able to get insurance to cover hospital stays for the husband.  Provided additional funds for 2-day family trip to Atlantic City and funds for lunch sandwiches for teenagers.  This case was referred to the Needs Clearing House by the Greenwich Department of Social Services.
74. Provided a car for a woman referred by the Greenwich Department of Social Services so she could find living accommodations outside Greenwich and commute to the job in Greenwich.
75. Provided a car for a woman referred by the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.  The woman who spent a year at the mission successfully completed her program and needed transportation from Bridgeport to her job in Westport.
76. Partnered with the Bridgeport Lions Club, The Connecticut Student NursesAssociation, and Lenscrafters to provide initial screenings, free professional eye exams, frames and glasses to the women in need attending the 870 student Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport.
77. Partnered with Cohen Fashion Optical in Stamford to provide free professional eye exams, frames and glasses to the women in need identified by the Greenwich Department of Social Services.
78. Conducted 2015 coat drive.
79. Identified benches in Greenwich in need of repair and as a community project worked to get the benches repaired for use of citizens on the number 11 bus line and at the Greenwich Housing Authorities Agnes Morley facility.
80. Partnered with the Building Hope Foundation to provide a bilko door and other repairs at a food pantry located in a church in Bridgeport.
81. Help pay for a day at the Yankee game for a90 year old Korean war Vet with going to a game on his "bucket list".
82. Raised funds to buy a handicap wheelchair accessible van for a young mother suffering from cerebral palsy her whole life.

83. Partnered with the Bridgeport Lions Club, The Connecticut Student Nurses Association, and Lenscrafters to provide initial screenings, free professional eye exams, frames and glasses to the women in need attending the 100 student Caroline House in Bridgeport.

84. Partnered with First Bank of Greenwich to provide "Pizza Nights" and "Pizza Lunches" at Abilis and River House Adult Day Care Center.

85. Partnered with Amy's Angels and Chicken Joe's Ride For Kids charities to provide clothing for a young disabled man in need.

86. Partnered with Aaron's to provide a recliner for a woman suffering from brain cancer.

87. Partnered with Ride for Kids in Thanksgiving canned food drive.

88. Initiated fundraising campaign to raise $1 million for Kids in Crisis by 2017.

89. Investigated loss of heat at the request of Greenwich Department of Social Services, at an elderly woman's home in Byram.

90. Arranged for double cataract surgery for a 57-year-old woman going blind.

91. Successful 2015 Christmas Toy Drive.  Thank you to Greenwich charity Mothers For Others with partnering with The Needs Clearing House to make these Christmas gifts possible!

Special thanks to Betsy Keller for organizing this drive and for shopping. Also special thanks to Brooke Bohnsack and Liz Obrien for making this gift giving possible. Also, thanks to the partnership of Mayor Joe Ganim and Nees12's Frank Recchia for bringing the communities needs to everyone's attention!

92. Partnered with Helping Hands Outreach to help the family of a 14-year-old boy killed by gunfire on Christmas eve 2015.

93. Helped raise funds for the burial of a 3-year-old girl who died in a condo fire.

94. Partnered with Helping Hands Outreach to feed the homeless at the "Under the John Street Bridge" project in Bridgeport; providing pizza on the third Sunday of each month.

95. Helped a 24 week pregnant 23-year-old with serious kidney problems at the request of Greenwich Hospital.  Arranged for food and transportation to help this individual and enlisted other charities to rally to her support.

96. Supported the efforts to raise funds to help support ALS victim requiring round the clock care.

97.  Helped arrange for an apartment for a family who lost everything in an apartment fire.

98. Contained raising funds to support Kids in Crisis following state budget cuts.

​99. Found and helped furnish an apartment for a formerly homeless veteran.

100. Provided funds for shelter over the Christmas holidays for a homeless woman in Greenwich.