1) Mikey is a 19-year-old who has multiple medical issues.  He is severely autistic, MR, Small brain syndrome and has a major seizure disorder.  Mikey requires 24h hands-on care.  His mom, Justine, is his primary care provider.  There are part-time caregivers that come to the home to help.  She struggles to work and care for him. This week both of Mikey’s hearing aids were broken and the repair is not covered by insurance and the cost to replace them is $3600. He has bilateral hearing loss due to multiple ear infections as a child. Due to Mikey’s age, 19, many of his services have been cut.  This has made it challenging to keep food in the house and make repairs to mom’s vehicle, which is not drivable at this time, to make it safe to drive to get her to work and Mikey to doctors’ appointments.                               
Over the last year, Mikey’s seizure disorder has been out of control and he has required several emergency room visits, hospital admission and trips to NYC to see specialists.  When Mikey is in the hospital or has one of his many doctors' appointment s mom is always present and therefore unable to work at times. In addition, Justine has had her own health issues.  Because she has always put Mikey and his needs first, these health issues have now created major problems in her life.

2) Rosario Aldana has been diagnosed with a very aggressive stomach cancer that has come back for the second time. Her prognosis is extremely poor. In an effort to support her battle and family, your support and generosity is greatly needed to help with ongoing medical bills, medicine, and expenses. Rosario has a wonderful family, her husband Mardo and little daughter Kathleen who are by her side.  
Funds raised will also go directly to provide for daughter Kathleen. Please join us 
in this fundraiser, no donation is too small or too big, any support would mean a lot to Rosario and her family! Our goal is $15,000. Please send your donations to the Needs Clearing House at 233-9 Milbank Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830 and earmark them “For the Aldana Family”; OR please donate via our website, www.theneedsclearinghouse.org We are a 501c3 charity.  100% of every donation will go to care for this family.

3) We at the Needs Clearing House are taking on a new project to help Joey and are asking friends and family, to help out Joey Bavaro who has been fighting a non-stop battle with kidney disease his whole life. "Dialysis after 12 years with my kidney. We knew this day would come but you can never prepare for it. Hundreds of doctors’ appointments and over $200k out of pocket and back to where we started." - Christie Bavaro Help us raise money for his medical expenses’ and a college education. Of course, what boy wouldn't love to play some new video games too!!! This young man deserves the world. Donations via NCH are tax deductibility as we are a 501c3. Our charity pays out every cent collected.  We keep nothing as we are totally volunteers. Every donation counts! Thank you!!!   

4)  The Needs Clearing House is helping to support children of mom taking sanctuary in a CT church. Help support the four children of Nury Chavarria, a single mom who took sanctuary in a Connecticut church on July 20th to stave off deportation to Guatemala. Nury fled violence in Guatemala 24 years ago, and she is the sole provider for her four U.S. born kids--including one with cerebral palsy. Despite the fact that Nury has no criminal record and has held the same job for the past 15 years, she was given a deportation order to leave by July 20th. An incredible team of volunteers and lawyers is exploring every option to keep Nury with her family. But her kids need our help, especially while she is in a sanctuary and unable to work. At a recent press conference, Nury's 9-year-old daughter shared this about her mom: "My mother is someone I love more than anyone in the world. She is not a criminal. She has a positive attitude about everything. I want her to stay here because I love her so much." Please contribute today so that Nury's kids know they are not alone. Our goal is $10,000.

5) Hug a Hound works with autistic children and rescue/therapy dogs. The children make bandanas for the dogs and learn about the care and handling of animals, which is wonderful for both the kids and the dogs! Children, who did not speak and had other difficulties, have come out of their shells or otherwise improved with the contact. The program pilot has gone very well and is in need of $1,500 to continue, buy supplies and expand. Please help by making a donation. Any amount will be greatly appreciated! 

 6) Tiffany Johnson is a 28-year-old young lady suffering from a severe case of Cerebral Palsy. She is wheelchair bound and for the last 20 years had attended the Easter Seals Camp specializing in caring for disabled people. The camp is located in Hebron CT. Two weeks of camp is what makes her life. The other 50 weeks she lives in poor conditions where her wheelchair can't operate. She literally crawls around almost all the time at home! State funding cuts make it impossible for Tiffany to afford camp this year. The total cost of the camp is approximate $2,940. Can you help in with a contribution to the Needs Clearing House, earmarked for this purpose, i.e. paying Tiffany's camp expense for this summer, 2017? Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. Please let us know as soon as possible since we need to pay for camp soon. . Refugee Assistance Project - NCH has undertaken to try and raise $50,000 to aid refugees taken into Connecticut and want to live in Bridgeport. To kick off the fundraiser, NCH is donating $1,000 toward the relief effort and invites anyone interested in supporting this cause.

7) A woman in Greenwich needs help keeping a 2-year-old and 5-year-old in diapers.  Her husband recently died and she is struggling to pay rent....the diapers are breaking the budget, costing around $25 every 10 days!  Any contributions earmarked for diapers will be used to help this person.

8) Hannah is 28 years old and has Lupus.  She was misdiagnosed and spent a month in a coma (with a 10 blood sugar!), on emergency Medicaid assistance.  Hannah has no insurance and needs about $1,500 of initial care to address her illness (for doctors, medication and blood work).  Donations earmarked for Hannah will be used to get her the basic medical care she needs.

9) Funds are needed to help furnish the apartment of a formerly homeless vet who was placed in an apartment by the Needs Clearing House.

10) A homeless woman needing shelter has turned to NCH and we are working with social services to get her a job; meanwhile, NCH is providing shelter at a cost $75 per night.

11) The Connecticut Student Nurses Association (CSNA) has been working with the Mercy Learning Center (MLC) in Bridgeport and Caroline House to prescreen women for vision problems. Poor eyesight is believed to be the root cause of some woman not doing well at school. NCH in concert with the Bridgeport Lions Club, a leading eye surgeon, and commercial vendors, have arranged to help these women in need. Donations to support this program are welcome
with the cost per woman estimated to be $100 for a professional screening, frames, and glasses.

12) Nathanial Witherell’s Alzheimer Music Program Project. $13,500 is needed for a one year program of music to aid in calming Alzheimer’s patients, particularly at sundown when they become the most agitated. Any amount towards this goal will be much appreciated!

13) "Car Project” - We take donated used cars, fix them up and give them to people in need of basic transportation.  Please help by donating your vehicle (We will come and get it), and or contribute any amount to the car's project, to help us fix these cars up.

14) "Handicapped Van Project" - Funds or in-kind donations for handicapped accessible vans which cost approximately $15,000.

15) NCH Operating Funds Project. We are attempting to raise approximately $2,000 dollars in total to cover the 2017 operation expenses. Expenses include insurance and other items to run the charity. We are all volunteers and take no salaries.

16) I-pads for Speech Project…Using I-pads to enable people who cannot speak or who have difficulty communicating verbally. Cost per I-pad is $425 per I-Pad and/ or in-kind donations are gratefully accepted. Please see CONNECTICUT.NEWS12.COM/NEWS for more on this project.

17) Sheets and Towels are needed for our partner at Neighbor to Neighbor. The project is ongoing.

18) Pizza Project. Funds are needed to continue providing pizza lunch/dinner to over 400 people monthly at several charities and shelters, including Kids in Crisis, Abilis, The Disability Resource Network and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and their 2 woman’s shelters. Donate one or more pies. (Only $7.50 per large pizza.)

19) Domestic Abuse Project. Funds for this project enable NCH to continue partnering with the Greenwich YWCA to aid domestic abuse victims trying to start over. It takes about $500 dollars to aid one victim with used furniture to furnish an apartment provided by the YWCA.

20) Kids in Crisis Project. KIC has a budget shortfall of nearly $1,000,000 for the next fiscal year. This amazing organization literally helps kids in crisis throughout Fairfield County and is unique. Kids from newborn through the age of 17 are accommodated. KIC has 20 rooms, medical and nutritional support to help parents who may need to shelter the kids for any number of reasons, EG. After fires, homelessness, substance abuse episodes, etc. KIC provides their services free of charge and is located in Cos Cob. Since the state budget cuts have really taken a toll on this charity, any donation will help KIC continue to support the community as it has for the past 37 years!

21) Helping Squirrel Wood Equine Animal Shelter care for horses and other animals. Any amount will help!

22) River House Adult Day Center located in Cos Cob CT is a 501(C) (3) Agency that strives to enrich the lives of older adults. It is a medical model day center, which allows the caregiver to have the comfort knowing their loved one is being monitored by a registered nurse, while recreation staff gives the senior a fun and engaging day! $10,400 is being sought for a 2-year specialized day program that utilizes “comedy therapy” to help slow cognitive decline, foster mental and physical health, improve memory, morale, confidence, and creativity. 

Interested in Volunteering or making a Donation?
Volunteers are needed to help manage projects. You may suggest that your donation is applied to help us sustain our operations. You may also suggest your donation support a specific project. Funds received in excess of the amount needed to fund a specific project may be applied in our discretion to another one of our projects. 100% of every donation will go to fund a project being supported by our charity!

The Needs Clearing House